Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TV-free Tuesdays and Thursdays

I've mentioned how I admire TV-free families and how I'd like to reduce our family's screen time (television and computer). Many advise to go cold turkey but that's a little frightening. Last week we were enjoying several hours of unplugged family time and I had the idea of starting with only a few days a week.

Less TV (and computer for me) is a good move. We enjoy family time when we're not watching television and I feel happier and more connected to the kids.  

So when we do this....  who wants to join us?

(Disclosure: Today is a Tuesday and it's not happening today. I'm thinking of starting next week.)


Susan Stephenson said...

TV-free wouldn't be a problem for me, but screen-free? Gulp. I can't even imagine it without breaking out in a sweat. How will I manage all those "must-do's"? The writing, the blog, the site, the queries to publishers... and the emails!

Deep breath. Okay, put me down for one, no half a day. You said to start small, right?

PS Can some of my half day be sleep time?

Jill said...

Wow...I too feel like we watch way too much TV. I'll join you on your Tuesday and Thursday no TV challenge, but we'll start next week, too. Can't get through a Thanksgiving full of family without football to keep the menfolk quiet. :)

Karen said...

Susan, you are very funny, and I know the fear you're talking about. I think my best stretch of (awake) screen free time lasted about 3 hours. Half days sound good to me! I do want to test and build my endurance...

Of course I don't count working, as a mostly stay at home mom, I want to be with the boys more.

Jill, yes, Thanksgiving needs to be an exception. Actually we may find lots of exceptions and excused but I hope we can achieve this -- I will think I'm in very poor shape if the boys and I can't make it although this may take some practice to form new habits. I hope to reduce our viewing all week long but really go for it on Tu and Th.

Thanks so much for experimenting with us!

poemhome said...

we try TV free Fridays, but sometimes my kids sneak onto their laptops and download a videogame. You never win. Love your blog

Kate said...

hi Karen-

We went cold turkey almost 3 years ago now, but the computer has replaced the tv for ds, he can play nickjr, pbskids and other stuff. :)

i miss watching pbs, but its worked out for us :)

Z-Kids said...

A few years ago, set the tv out on the curb and watched the garbage man pick it up and carry it off... One of the best things we ever did!

Anonymous said...

My kids have always been tv free but we pulled the plug on the cable service which means all television and now my dh and I only watch select videos. You can do it! It is great for your kids.