Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remo Rainforest 10-inch Tom Tom Drum

One "noisy toy" I don't mind having in our home is our Remo 10" tom drum.  I purchased this for my two-year-old son's birthday after reading about other moms' good experiences with them, and after having seen large Remo drums used at several of the children's music and movement classes we had attended (Music Together, Kindermusik). 

It's a beautiful instrument / toy.  The boys enjoy it, and it would probably be more fun to have two -- so the boys could both drum at the same time.  I don't know much about drumming circles but it looks like something fun to explore when the kids get a little older.

The drum has a wonderful sound... want to hear?  (This is my first video!)

The drum is available from Amazon as well as other online music stores. If you shop, you may want to do a Google shopping search to see where the best prices currently are. We bought ours from a store called Same Day Music, but I've heard of good deals on Remo appearing now and then at various stores.

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