Saturday, September 27, 2008

Schleich animals

Schleich animals are some of my 2 year old's favorite toys.  They are small, and very realistic, and very interesting to him.  We have been lucky to make a small collection that he enjoys, including several dinosaurs, a penguin, a variety of rabbits (purchased specially off Ebay to appear in the Easter basket), and others.  The elephant is a current favorite.  

Target carries a limited variety and seems to change the selection from time to time -- our dinosaurs were purchased at the July clearance (it was nice to have saved a few dollars), and now there are no dinos. Prices seem to average about $5-6, per figure, some more or less depending on size.  A quick search online shows that Ridge Road Station, the online store where I have been purchasing our Playmobil, also offers Schleich (I think they have the full range) and they offer free shipping on orders over $30, which is nice. 

My oldest doesn't seem as interested in the Schleich animals as my 2 year old.  Different kids like different things.  However there is no doubt the animals are beautiful and really nice toys.  I think they would make great gifts, or as a great bonus to add to a gift like a Zoo membership or animal books.

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