Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cookie Matching Game (Fisher Price)

One of my friends in playgroup has this cute matching game at her house. It's called Matchin' Middles by Fisher Price.

Since my friend has this toy and the boys get to experience it at her house, I don't think I'll buy it for our own home -- it can be something special for our visits. But I like this toy very much and would absolutely consider giving it as a gift.

The pieces look like chocolate wafer sandwich cookies (you know, Oreos - yum!) and pull apart to show interior shapes. The two halves then puzzle together to re-assemble the cookie. I think this is a cute twist on shape sorting and matching, and the cookies are cute by themselves for use in a play kitchen or tea party. I like that the toy is dimensional and that the twelve shapes offer a good variety to identify and match.


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