Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Color Surprises - a pop-up book

Look at this beautiful pop-up book, Color Surprises, by Chuck Murphy. It's gorgeous -- a simple book that shows a basic square of each color on every page, then.... surprise! .... the square reveals an intricate pop-up of a beautiful animal. Want to know some of the surprises? Green snakes, orange tigers, pink flamingos, black-and-white penguins, a yellow chick, purple butterflies..... they are all wonderful, particularly the last page -- all colors -- that reveals a beautiful coral reef full of colorful tropical fish.

Color Surprises is a beautiful treasure of a pop-up book.

The only downside of pop-up books is that they are fragile. My two toddler boys and pop-up books don't mix that well, and I'm sad to say that all of our pop-up books have suffered damages from too much love. That said, I do my best with Scotch tape and get on with it..... if a favorite pop-up gets destroyed, I will replace it.... I just can't imagine a children's book collection without the magic of pop up books, and Color Surprises is one of the most beautiful I have seen.


Cheryl said...

The cover is gorgeous, and I *love* the pop-up where all those purple butterflies fly out. Thanks for sharing a few images of the interior of the book; that makes it interesting, and is more like being able to pick up a book in a bookstore and browse through it.

Karen said...

Cheryl, I'm glad you like the photos -- with children's books the visuals are such a key part of the experience, I want to share some of the artwork with everyone. I love this pop-up so much, and yes, the butterflies are one of the best! (But they're all pretty neat.)