Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lucky Ducks - lots of fun if you can stand the quacking

I hesitate to recommend Lucky Ducks. Play the video below and you'll understand quickly. It's not one of my favorites, but.... the kids enjoy it very much, and how can I not love a game that they love to play?

The problem is the quacking. Listen to the seven second demo below. The game is simple and easy to play -- there are 12 ducks, each with a shape/color on the bottom. There are four shapes to match. Each player tries to get all 3 of their matching ducks. 

My boys can almost play this game together alone -- a huge bonus, and, another -- there aren't that many pieces to pick up when the game is over. The box could be a little bigger for all the pieces to fit well -- it's a tight fit (which is very frustrating -- game makers should think about making clean up easy and not skimp on the package design).

Lucky Ducks is a nice game, a game that doesn't require reading, a game that holds toddlers' interest with cute, dimensional pieces and easy to follow rules...   But... the quacking! .....the quacking! Enjoy this game with your family if you dare!
Lucky Ducks

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