Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Piano

I've always dreamed that my family would be musical, envisioning a piano, guitars, sing-alongs, drum circles and happy children and teenagers who enjoy making music together.

On Saturday, my husband and I bought a digital piano. It was kind of an impulse purchase -- I had only started thinking about a family piano earlier in the week. After packing up all the kids and looking at a few models in the music store, my husband said, do you want to get it? I said yes, and later that afternoon we unloaded our piano into the living room. It was initially a shock it happened so fast.

My husband and I are both adult beginner players -- I had lessons on and off as a child, and he won a few lessons from a silent auction last year. We are both enjoying playing around with the piano and we're excited about becoming more musical and learning to play more.

Now I'm hunting at the library and online and this opens up a whole new area to explore -- learning more about music, composers, performers, and checking out YouTube performances, audio recordings, sheet music, lesson books and other titles. There's so much to explore -- just last night I discovered this Youtube, Horowitz plays Lizst Consolation No. 3 and I've also heard just a little music by Ludovico Einaudi. (Something I may be able to play eventually.) It's so exciting to experience new things!  I'm looking forward to newly inspired library visits for recordings and sheet music and books!

A few things I'm going to look at soon as I continue to dream and plan our musical adventures.  

I promise I will not be the pushy mom about these things. While these selections may look like I'm planning the kids' lives in advance, I'm hoping to learn more about the possibilities. I hope the kids will love and enjoy music, but I'll be content to have this as my hobby and support the boys in what they like doing even if it turns out to be all sports..... even the ones I dread most -- hockey and motorcycles. (Oh, ok, that might be VERY difficult..... I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for now.)

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Bookworm said...

HI! I miss you!!!

I wanted to tell you that we just began using a DVD course called Simply Music. We LOVE it. It teaches beginners how to play first and read music later, so there's quick success. In a week and 2 days I can see much improvement in me and my boys. None of us have ever had any lessons prior to this DVD course. One key thing is that we have practiced everyday (M-F) for 10-15 minutes. I can see significant improvement in each day's practice. Just had to share in case you were looking for a simple and fabulous in home course.

Love and Joy in Jesus,
Marietta...who's missing ya!