Monday, May 25, 2009

A book for Father's Day -- I Love My Daddy by Sebastien Braun

I've got to say, Infant Bibliophile is on top of things -- I visited today to find Father's Day books -- a topic that would very possibly have completely slipped my mind until the week of.  I so admire the organized!  

Anyway, I have a single addition to the Bibliophile's list.  It's a beautiful, beautiful picture book called I Love My Daddy by Sebastien Braun.  

Just look at the gorgeous images! Beautiful color! Each spread depicts a father bear and baby bear spending time together in sweet everyday moments.

The boys have enjoyed this book, especially, "My daddy tickles me!"  

I discovered this great-looking book when it was sold at Pottery Barn Kids a couple years ago -- those home decor style-makers picked a winner!   Since this purchase I have perused the PBK book selections a few more times -- I didn't find anything that grabbed me as much,  but kudos to PBK for making shelf space in its stores for children's books.

Added:  When is Father's Day this year, anyway?  I went and looked it up -- June 21!  Mark your calendars!

(Also, yes, today is Memorial Day!  Yes, I have the holidays all mixed-up! We do not have any books about flags, the USA or patriotism!  It's a huge deficiency in our collection.    And my husband was an Army reserve tank commander.  I have one book about Abraham Lincoln, that's it!  Any suggestions?)


Infant Bibliophile said...

That looks like a beautiful book; I like that the text is so simple. I'm putting it on my hold list at the library - thanks! Actually, it reminds me of the gift I made my husband this year... I used Mac iphoto software to make a book with the title "The Best Daddy". In it are about 60 photos of he and Kevin during his first 18 months. The text says things like "Daddy takes me fun places, like the beach" (photos of Dad and son together at beach) "and the playground!" (photos of them on the slide together or pushing him on the swing). Of course there are two full pages of them reading together. I just love the way it came out, and it cost $10!!

We only have one patriotic type book. It was a gift that I probably wouldn't have bought, because it has a push-button music feature, but he likes pressing the button (of course). It's called "My Red, White, & Blue." I bet it's hard to find books with push buttons at the library, though. I guess I should post THAT review today! Haha, we can just go back and forth from each other's blogs all day.

Karen said...

Hey, at least we both know someone is reading!

Your homemade book sounds great! I have been wanting to make a homemade book but it has fallen on the back burner (like the felt play food I had planned.)

I was thinking of you today because we have an Ergo carrier that has not gotten much use but today my husband used it with Baby M. I hope to try it out soon but I am intimidated by putting it on.

I have reserved a few books at the library -- perhaps I will have something ready for Flag day (June 14) or the 4th of July!