Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scaredy Squirrel at Night

I had heard about Scaredy Squirrel around the kidlitosphere (that's the children's books blogging community) -- librarians and other kids' books fans had written favorably about it. But I had never made a big effort to go out and find it.

My oldest son (almost five) grabbed a copy of Scaredy Squirrel at Night by Melanie Watt when we were at the library a few weeks ago. (His book selection method right now is pretty much grabbing anything the librarians have on feature display, we are coming home with many great things!)

Scaredy Squirrel at Night is written in a cartoonish format with very cute illustrations. A simple plot summary: Scaredy Squirrel is very worried about having bad dreams. He has very specific concerns about the subject matter of nightmares -- he is afraid of things like polka-dot monsters and mean fairies and unicorns. (The drawings for all these things that Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of are cute, in a scary way.) Being proactive, Scaredy Squirrel comes up with detailed plans to avoid his bad dreams by staying awake. Unfortunately his plans go very wrong and poor Sacredy Squirrel has an unexpected adventure.

It's a cute and funny book. And I think my five-year-old has picked a winner. We recommend Scaredy Squirrel at Night and I'm making a note to also check out the original Scaredy Squirrel (and any other in the series that may exist.)

Happy reading!

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