Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Lunch Box Surprise

"I love to share!"
-My four-year-old during a reading of The Lunch Box Surprise

The Lunch Box Surprise is an early reader book that is part of the First Grade Friends series. We got our copy as part of our family's exploration into "first reader" type books for my almost four-year-old. Out of several we have read, The Lunch Box Surprise is a clear favorite with a great message.

The First Grade Friends are a group of first graders (all with names that rhyme!) and the stories are about their experiences. In The Lunch Box Surprise, Sams mother forgot to pack his lunch, and he feels sad and mad. The other children choose to share their lunches with him, and Sam has a great lunch after all. The story details each child's lunch, which also gives a nice representation of the variety of foods that people eat. (Maybe my kids will get more enthusiastic at dinnertime -- my oldest does seem more curious about foods during our reads.)

The only downside I've found to The Lunch Box Surprise (and the First Grade Friends) is that the rhyming names are difficult for me to read-aloud -- I think I do better with Fox in Socks than with these kids' names -- Sam, Pam, Jan, Dan, Kim, Max.... (I think!) It sounds simple, but it's more challenging than you would think!

Overall, we are very pleased with The Lunch Box Surprise and recommend it as a good book for reading-aloud to preschoolers and as a first reader.

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