Monday, December 29, 2008

Machines at Work

Machines at Workis another one of Byron Barton's books that our family loves.  Like all Barton books, Machines at Work features bold and simple full-page illustrations with bright colors and straightforward, simple phrases.  Machines at Work is dedicated to construction equipment -- it's filled with bulldozers, steamrollers, cranes, excavators, dump trucks and a crew of male and female workers that put in a hard day's work building a building, from demolition to construction.  

At first I loved Barton's Trainsmore, and so did my kids, but Machines at Work will now always have a special place in my heart because my two-year-old started repeating the phrases after I would read to him, and hearing my little peanut say things like "Build that building" and "Dump that rubble" in the sweetest little child voice was heart-melting. I'm going to remember it every time I see this book.

Machines at Work will be a quick, classic favorite of any child who loves construction equipment and all things machines.  Our family has this in the hardcover format, it is also available as a board book.

Machines at Work

Machines at Work Board Book

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Bookworm said...

How SWEET! I love it!! I know that melted your heart to hear him say those mighty machine words in his sweet little voice!

The book looks great! I love those bold colors!

Thanks for sharing!