Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Friday - A Valentine Poem


Do you love me, 
or do you not?
You told me once,
but I forgot.

- Anonymous

Happy Poetry Friday!
This is one of my favorite poems, and so short!

Goodness knows since I have become a parent, I forget... a lot.  You know about the parents mixing-up kids' names?  This is me.  Every day. Every time I speak to the children.  I would have thought that I would escape this embarrassing truth of parenthood, but no.  I feel awful that I call my kids all the wrong names, all the time.  Boys, I love you, all of you, whoever you are!  (And husband, I love you too!) 

This week flew by... I have been thinking a lot about preschool, or not, for our two older boys next year.  (The not-inexpensive preschool my oldest went to this year increased tuition by 12.7%, which is causing us to re-evaluate everything.) I hope to get back to more book posts soon!

An update on Lucky (the book I was considering altering because of an advertisement in it), I sent it back intact with my husband when he was running errands.  I hope to speak with a librarian about it next time I have the chance. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions!

The Poetry Friday roundup is at Big A, little a. Have a great weekend!

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Becca said...

That poem is super cute, super to short and to the point! Thanks for sharing!


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