Thursday, December 4, 2008

St. Nicholas Day tomorrow, December 6. I just finished up wrapping two gifts for the boys -- a Schleich Nativityand a board book, Christmas in the Manger. (I also wrapped up two Byron Barton board books for my two-year-old nephew's birthday -- Trucks and Trains.)

It will be our first time celebrating St. Nick and I'm looking forward to it. Since I love books as gifts, I expect St. Nick will deliver more books and probably more Christmas books every year. 

What are your St. Nick traditions? 

(Tomorrow is also Poetry Friday!)


Little Willow said...

I've drafted my Poetry Friday entry in advance, so it will be officially posted tomorrow morning here:

Thanks for hosting! :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

How did they like the nativity? We also own a Schleich set and I bought some extra animals like sheep, a donkey and camels to go with it. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Karen said...

I have been thinking about adding animals. They like the people but we have been having difficulty w/the figures roaming the house... I guess it's quite a journey to Bethlehem!