Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making homemade children's books

This week at toddler class I sat next to a mom who was taking a photo of her daughter during snack time. She introduced herself as a "crazy photo lady," and I asked if she also made scrapbooks. I do not make scrapbooks (uh, yet), but I have playgroup friends who are very into it. "Crazy photo lady" told me about a children's scrapbook format that has me very, very excited..... making our own children's alphabet books featuring photos of our family!

The idea is to make an ABC or alphabet book. Basically 26 photo images (personalized to include your child, or your child's environment and favorite things), and then words.... a simple A is for Apple, T is for Train, etc. etc..... or something more creative and personal....perhaps even rhymes! There's no limit to the creativity that could go into it.

I LOVE the idea and am very interested in making ABC alphabet books for my oldest two boys, possibly even in time for Christmas. Right now I'm doing a little research about costs and considerations of making a book with an online photo book provider (easy and professional, but seems to be more expensive), or making a simple 8" x 8" scrapbook with very basic layouts.

I've done a little online reading and have come across another great idea for older kids -- having them make their own ABC alphabet books themselves. It sounds fun and educational and I love the idea of kids making their own books too.  As for our family's books, I've started an idea list for photo taking.

Anyone want to join me on a homemade children's book making journey? Has anyone made their own homemade children's books and want to share your experiences? I'll post updates as I learn more and plan to get started.


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

I've been working on an alphabet book with my 4 yr old son for a while now. We seem to have gotten side tracked. I'm doing it the cheap way - printing 3 pictures on a 4x6 and using Microsoft publisher to type in the letters, then sliding the prints into a cheap $2 plastic photo album. The professional online ones would be nice, but they are very pricey in my opinoin.

Karen said...

Anna, thanks for the comment -- your format sounds great for something easy and inexpensive. I am looking at photo book deals and have names of several online sources, but need to check out the prices for the most inexpensive options. Otherwise I'm finding that an 8 x8 scrapbook is about $10 and papers are about $10, and then you still have photos and any accents and things.

I think I will try to get our books done for $20 or less each and hopefully they will become family keepsakes for the kids. I love that you are doing yours for much less and I'm sure it will be great! Let me know if you decide to share photos or details of your finished book.