Thursday, October 2, 2008

Alphabet photo ideas for homemade ABC book

Here is a list of ideas I've been working on for pictures to go in the boys' custom alphabet books that I'm planning to make

I thought I was doing well, but V was the biggest stumper. Thankfully, I found an online picture dictionary that was quick and helpful. (Here is another.) I was happy to find quarter in a picture dictionary for the letter Q -- my oldest loves having quarters for bubble gum machines and searches them out of my wallet. The picture dictionaries are great to expand your options and find things that match your child's interests.

Getting all these photos will take a little time. (The mom I talked to at toddler class said she kept a list of needed photos in her purse with her camera.) Having a list will be very helpful for planning and organizing the photos. It will take some commitment to get the photos done but we may also have some pictures already to cover some of the letters.

If you have more ideas, please share in the comments -- thanks!

A is for -- apple, art, airplane
B is for -- books, bicycle, banana, baby, brother, birthday, balloon, beach, baking
C is for -- cat, costume, crayons, chocolate, cake, cookies
D is for -- Dad, dog, doll
E is for -- egg, elephant, eat, ear, eyes
F is for -- friend, flag, flower, funny faces, farm
G is for -- garden, game, grass, green, grapes, glasses, grandparents
H is for -- home, hug, horse, hat
I is for -- ice cream
J is for -- jump
K is for -- kitten, kite, kiss
L is for -- leaf, leaves, llama, lunch, lollipop
M is for -- Mom, muffin
N is for -- nap, night
O is for -- orange
P is for -- playground, pumpkin, pig, pony, piano, painting
Q is for -- queen, quilt, quarter
R is for -- rainy day, rest
S is for -- smiles, snow, sister, school, swimming, sand, scooter, sleep, soccer, scissors
T is for -- teeth, train, trees, trick-or-treat
U is for -- underwater, underwear,
V is for -- valentine, vegetable, van
W is for -- worm, winter, water
X is for -- xylophone
Y is for -- yellow
Z is for -- zoo, zipper


Kate said...

Hi Karen-

D is for dinosaur
I is for Italy, ice. igloo, iguana
J is for juggle, jelly, jar
O is for open, octopus
V is for violin
Y is for yo-yo, yak
Z is for Zebra

this is a fun idea, I'm thinking of making teacher gifts like this, using pics of the kids and stuff around the classroom. :)


Karen said...

Kate, thanks for the ideas, and thanks for visiting! A teacher book is a wonderful idea! I need to get the camera out and start snapping photos soon.... I think it could go fairly fast if I stay focused.

Anonymous said...

A is for anchor
B is for boat, bucket
C is for chain
L is for lifejacket