Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seymour Simon VOLCANOES

We were just reading this book at bedtime and my oldest, Alek (age 7) pointed to a couple of the books on the back cover and asked for additional titles. This book is part of the Smithsonian series by Seymour Simon.  We have at least one other Simon book, which is the Seymour Simon book of Trains.  For now, let's talk about the Volcanoes book.

This book has been in our stash for a while. I like reading nonfiction titles to the kids, they are curious about the world and are very interested in many topics, space, ocean animals, science, etc.  It's great to read to them and they sit quietly, and really listen to what I'm talking about.  These books are geared toward slightly older kids, grades 1-5.  My kids are 7, 5, and 3 now, and even the little guy pays attention.  Right now I read to them, but I like that the books have a long life and later on the boys will be able to read the books again themselves.   The text has great vocabulary, it's great to have the boys hear unique and interesting words as we read together.

The photographs are stunning, and the book has many details about volcanoes, along with specific examples of volcanoes around the world and various eruptions (which reminds me we have another volcano title called Eruption, by D&K)  This book has greater detail, is a bigger format and has more dramatic photos.  I like the map that shows the Earth's plates.

The book is 32 pages and includes a glossary.  Tonight we didn't make it all the way through before bedtime, but it was a great reading experience.  We're getting a few more books from this series for Christmas, I've chosen Lightning, and Earthquakes (the one my son requested).  I expect they will be great reading experiences as well.

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Seymour Simon said...

Thank you for this wonderful review of my book VOLCANOES! I thought that parents might like to know that there is a detailed Teacher Guide to go with this book, available as a free download from my website. Go to the "Educators and Families" tab, and click on "Teacher Guides." I hope that you will find it useful in extending the learning from this book.

Best wishes,
Seymour Simon

Karen said...

Hi Seymour Simon! Thanks for checking out our family's experience with your book! For everybody, Here's a link to the Web site- enjoy!