Sunday, April 5, 2009

Melissa and Doug Opposites puzzle cards

The boys and I recently visited our local resale shop, and I found this educational puzzle made by Melissa and Doug for $5.00. I'm thrilled with the find and plan to use it as part of our "home education experiment" (doing some Montessori and other activities at home).

We are sad to leave the Montessori preschool where A attended this year, and so we hope to do some great learning activities at home. It is kind of exciting and I hope it's a good experience for everyone. At A's school, I had seen a similar matching puzzle with mother animals and their babies. So I was pleased when I found this similar matching puzzle for opposites. It is nice because it teaches about what opposites are, and it increases the kids' exposure to written words, even though they are not reading yet. A and J were working with the puzzle this morning and J (age 2.5) asked my husband, "what this word?" "what this word?" It was fun.

The puzzle cards come in a wooden box. For everything to fit, the cards must be assembled. The cards are nice and heavy and should hold up well.

Amazon has listings for these puzzle cards (only $4.20!, I guess my bargain was not that amazing) and other puzzle cards of different types if anyone is searching for similar items. Here is a link:
Melissa & Doug Opposites Teaching Puzzle Cards

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