Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I have started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory aloud to A and J in the afternoons (A has been on break from preschool for the past two weeks).   They seem to like it.  I will think they are not listening and ask A if I should keep reading and he has nearly always said "yes".
I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was in the second or third grade.  Reading it again now, thirty years later, I still remember some of the things I thought while reading it way back then for the first time.  I think my most sophisticated observation from childhood was --- this book has a LOT of exclamation points!  And it does!

In tonight's read, Charlie found a golden ticket.  A thought that Charlie might lose his golden ticket (which sounds like our life, where beloved toys get lost and re-found a lot).  The gates to the Wonka factory just opened, and we will find out more tomorrow.

I was always scared of the Oompa Loompas, at least in the movie.  I hope it is a happy read for the boys.

It is very, very exciting to be reading a long book to them and have it hold their interest.  When I had tried showing A longer early reader books before, he was not interested in books without pictures on every page.  It was a little bit of luck that we started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory --- A was talking about how much he loves bubble gum (he loves it! and he loves quarters for bubble gum machines -- these are very very hot things in his world right now) and so I told him I have this story about a boy who gets to visit inside a chocolate factory and --- he was interested!  

P.S.  This was one of our purchases from All in all I was pleased with our book purchases there, even though I spent $8 on shipping, the book prices were very good.  Right now they have a free ship code if you are interested -- NRAA033109 (good on $24.99 and up). I don't know how long it will last.

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KittyCat said...

I'd just finished reading this book and can't wait for my tot to grow up and enjoy it too :)

Haven't thought of reading out loud to my 3 year old...I should give it a try.