Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Blogging and Reading Goals

I shared some of my 2009 blogging resolutions with Cecelia at the Baby Kid blogs, and she's posted a roundup of what several blogging moms are planning.  My #1 goal is to spruce up Mommy's Favorite Children's Books with a new design... I'm so excited!  Thank you to Cecelia for asking this important question about "what's your goal?" to help blogging moms get focused for the New Year.

Also, I'm signing up my family for Marietta's 2009 chapter book challenge at The Bookworm's Booklist. (Check it out!) Spending time reading with my family is one of my top priorities.  I look forward to checking out more chapter books as the boys are just getting to the perfect ages to start enjoying them more and more. 

Have a wonderful 2009, I hope you achieve your goals!


Bookworm said...

Hi Karen!

I LOVE your goals!!! Thanks for sharing them!

I'm SO excited you are doign the Children's Chapter Book Challenge! WooHooo!

Also, I just passed the Butterfly Award to 4 book bloggers! Go visit my blog and see my post!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So, glad to have you as my book blogging buddy!


The Book Chook said...

Karen, I want to make some changes to my blog, too. Just to let you know there is a challenge on about this at Sophisticated Dorkiness where a whole bunch of people are going to get together and work on their blogs. This is the link:

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading it. I know all the young moms who blog will also want to see how to improve their site. I will watch too.
Maybe one of the books you read with your children will be the one I have just published. Ten short stories for the under 8's.
Good luck with the blog.
Irene J Harvey