Friday, December 26, 2008

Lang Lang: Playing with Flying Keys

Loved it!  After reading Erica Moore's review of Lang Lang: Playing with Flying Keys at The Well Read Child, I decided to check it out from our library for my own reading. I'm so happy that I did - this book is fantastic! I finished it within 24 hours of getting it home -- Lang Lang's life story and journey of becoming one of the world's most famous classical pianists is stunning. 

The book brought tears to my eyes several times as I followed the drama of Lang Lang's struggles and triumphs -- the pressure of his father's stern, demanding, brutal drive for success, the sadness and love of his mother left behind to support the family, the generosity and caring of some teachers and friends, the enormous sacrifices made by Lang Lang and his parents, and the dramatic, perilous, ascent to the top of the classical music world. 

I was fascinated by the descriptions of China and Chinese culture, and the actions of people in Lang Lang's life. An amazing read worth your time!

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Brimful Curiosities said...

It does look quite interesting. We are neighbors of sorts but on opposite sides of the state. We live in the glorious area of rural southwest WI, 30 miles from the Mississippi and tri-state border.