Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turnips for Dinner

At 2 year old class, our teacher read a nice book, I think it is called Turnips for Dinner. If I'm finding the right copy, it is by Joy Cowley and out of print or hard to find. Too bad...... it has wonderful rhymes. The basic premise is that the zoo keeper has lots of tunips to feed to the animals, and almost no one likes them...... each animal's reaction to the turnips is written in a rhyming phrase, such as "the zebra whined and pined"...... in the end, the elephant "munched and crunched". I liked the book very much for the interesting rhyming words (lots of them!) and what I feel is a nice little message -- different people (and animals) like different things.

Has anyone seen this book?


Susan Stephenson said...

Karen, I love Joy Cowley's books and used them often when I taught Kindergarten. I had a look on the net for you, found one opportunistic copy at Alibris for $Au132.00!, and then hit a wall. Joy's own site lists it, and the publisher, but when I went to McGraw Hill, who now own Shortland, and put in Joy's name, I drew a blank.

You might find a used copy at a school fete or fair, maybe even at a garage sale.

The Book Chook

Corey Schwartz said...

Hi Karen,

Sounds very cute! I'm going to look for it. I am a mother of a three and four year old, a PB writer (, and a very new blogger! (three days:)

It's nice to see so many moms take an interest in picture books! I hope you'll come across mine some time at your local library.