Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bella's Birthday Book -- A Princess Primer

I spied this book, A Princess Primer, over a year ago when I was shopping for a birthday gift for my niece, Bella.  Perhaps I'm not all grown up yet, but I like this princess book, and I'm not even a girly girl..... well, not much of one, anyway.

Last year, I thought A Princess Primer might be a little too detailed, and I ended up choosing Fancy Nancy for Bella's sixth b-day. But this year, I'm very excited about giving Bella A Princess Primer for birthday number seven.  It's a beautiful book, with interesting, engaging page layouts and interactive, delicate details.  It's kind of like a pop-up book, but not a pop-up... there are little envelopes to open and the book is full of surprises and treasures.  

Which makes me think it's a perfect birthday book for a special seven year-old in our family.

Happy Birthday Bella!  

A Princess Primer
Fancy Nancy

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