Friday, August 15, 2008

What to bring to a "no gifts" children's birthday party?

A)  Nothing.

B)  A favorite children's book!

Many parents feel anxious over "no gifts" birthday parties, feeling unsure whether it's really OK to not bring a gift.  While I feel it is perfectly fine to honor the party host's request, a great alternative to showing up empty handed is a gift of a favorite children's book.  

Children's books are my gift of choice for many occasions, and a child's birthday is a great time to add to the birthday boy or girl's reading materials.  There are many wonderful books available, and birthdays are a great time to choose something special, like a beautiful pop-up book, a book with great illustrations, or one of your family's special favorites.

Need inspiration to help find the perfect book for a birthday gift? Consider the birthday child's interests, and check online for some great kids' books blogs and Web sites. Have fun!

UPDATE:  Here's another great option for a no-gift party -- a musical greeting card.   They are a lot of fun!  

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